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The Diary of Solomon Granger
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This Mushup's Guidlines

A diary of a deceased man is found. The disturbing entries point to a more sinister death than that was officially reported. This is a diary type Mushup, each snippet will reflect a daily entry written by the deceased.
avatar Solomon Granger was found deceased at his farmhouse home on the 21st of June 1974. The village postman had contacted the police after becoming concerned about the source of a strange odour permeating from the abode which had become stronger upon each visit. The police had smashed down the door and made the grim discovery.
The old farmer's body was found burned to a pile of cinders in an armchair. The puzzling thing was that no other furnishings in the living room were damaged. Even the chair that he had sat on was only burnt through on the part that he had sat. One part of the old farmer that was found intact was his right hand. This was discovered maggot-ridden on the floor lying next to a shotgun, one rotten finger still placed in its trigger.
Although his death was highly unusual, it was written off as accidental. He was a heavy smoker, and the coroner decided that it was another case of somebody falling asleep with a lighted cigar.
There was a peculiar diary discovered in the farmer's bedroom, but the contents were so bizarre that they did not form any part of the coroner's inquest. The writings were apportioned to the mind of somebody suffering from mental fragilities.
I was passed this diary by the son of one of the officers who were at the scene that day. I will share this with you because I myself find it deeply disturbing.
I am starting this diary because of the strange occurrences that have been taking place around this cottage of late. The bangings and rappings that have been keeping me awake at night are now so bad that I now buy my sleep during daylight hours.
Last week things got worse, it is now not only the noises that worry me. I plan here to keep a dutiful diary in hope of one day presenting this evidence with an expert in these matters and hopefully receiving an answer. The writing of this diary also helps me keep my sanity during the sleepless small hours of the morning. I pray to God to bless my soul, please keep me safe my father, I have toiled this life and done no harm to no other.
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